Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

Despite the beautiful snow that comes with winter, most people in the US are bracing themselves for the colder temperatures with the high heating costs. Don’t forget about the frozen pipes or broken AC units that might end up needing repair which is still too expensive. Therefore, if you want to save some money during this cold weather, use the tips outlined below.

Cover All The Exterior Faucets
Frozen pipes will definitely break especially those found outside the house. Therefore, during the cold season protect all the plumbing found on the outside. Start by detaching garden hoses and properly insulating the faucets against the freezing weather. Make sure all the exposed pipes are completely protected. For the covers, you can either choose to wrap with wrapping material or use insulating foam.

Prevent The Interior Pipes From Freezing
During winter, especially when it’s very cold, the pipes inside the house can also freeze. To prevent any plumbing emergencies, you should turn on the pipe and make sure the water is flowing continuously. If you do get an emergency, then you need to call an Emergency Plumber to take care of the repair.

Protect Plumbing In The Utility Spaces
Pipes found in forgotten spaces such at the attics or basements are very vulnerable during the cold weather. This is because most people may insulate the pipes outside and inside the house but often forget about these ones. The best way to prevent any plumbing emergency in any utility space is by insulating the pipes found there. Also, if you have to dig up any plumbing, make sure you use a utility locator.

Avoid Clogged Drains
During winter, especially Christmas, New Year or Thanksgiving, people enjoy cooking a lot of cooking. It’s very often you will find a clogged drain or pipe especially after cooking fatty foods. The extreme cold may solidify the fatty ingredients in the food which results in increasing plumbing emergencies of clogged drains. To prevent such catastrophes, you should avoid throwing foods with grease or oil through the garbage disposal. Also, clean your drains at least once a week with an environmentally-friendly detergent to cleanse the fats completely.

AC Repair And Maintenance
Right before winter, hire a professional AC specialist to repair or perform some maintenance tasks on your AC unit to guarantee it’s working properly during the cold weather. You certainly don’t want it to break down in the middle of a stormy snow. Other heating systems such as furnaces should also be properly checked to make sure they are working properly during the cold weather to prevent any breakdowns due to overworking or overheating.

There is no way you can prevent a blizzard from falling. However, you can keep your plumbing protected throughout the extreme cold to make sure it’s working perfectly.

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