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DIY Home Remodeling Tips

A DIY home remodeling project can be a new learning experience and an undertaking that will not take a big bite at the wallet. Achieving this will however need adequate planning and having the right home remodeling tips to guide you in every step.

The following tips will come in handy when doing a DIY home remodeling project.

Plan In Advance
It is vital to make plans early to prevent any delays or unprecedented demands or outcomes during the project. A good remodeling plan will help you figure out the changes you want to make, how to do them, develop an estimated budget, and identify the start and completion timeline for the project. Part of the planning includes having blueprints of the original layout of the home and drawing up blueprints for the remodeling projects.

Seek Professional Advice
Though some DIY projects are simple, taking time to get a second opinion from experts is always a wise call. Never think that you know everything there is to know about the remodeling modalities. You can talk to the guys who constructed the home and get ideas on a few aspects of the remodeling. Doing this will also help you gauge yourself to see if you are in a possible to ably take on the home remodeling as a DIY project. It is quite okay to seek some help for the specialists if you fill some areas might prove to be a challenge and need expert hands.

Think Long Term
Remember that the remodeling will need financing; hence, the project should ideally be a non-repeat undertaking. Taking such considerations in mind will require thinking and planning on a long-term basis. The remodeling will thus do away with any future repairs leaving room for only the unavoidable type.

Recycle or Reuse
Not everything in the home will be unwanted during the remodeling, some things will definitely need to be replaced, other repaired and reused. Some might be removed and recycled into something new that can be used in another way. Doing this will help lower the projects budget. Working with quality companies like Smart72 (website) will help you save on your energy, which in turn save you on your utilities.

Stick to Quality
Never compromise on quality. Some people thing that quality means expensive, so they settle for cheap materials of a lesser quality. There is a saying “cheap is sometimes expensive” and in such a case, the cheap low-quality materials will turn into an expensive regret in the future.

Work With a Budget
It is important to work with a set budget. However, some deviations might be necessary thus exercising some level of flexibility in the available finances will be for the good of the project. Do not be too uptight on spending on things that are vital to the success of the remodeling project.

Seek Legal Approval
One of the most important tips that many people overlook is getting the approval from the local construction and development authorities. Sure, the land in question might be private, but there are set building regulations and standards that all developers need to follow where the property is private or public.

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Top Tips On Mold Remediation

Molds are basically living organisms and fungi forms like mushrooms and yeast. Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible to tell whether a specific kind of fungus, is toxic or not just by looking at its color through the use of your naked eye. Given the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of different kind of fungus, you will find that it comes in different shapes, sizes and even color. It is only possible to tell the type that is present at a property through the use of a high density microscope. Even though there happens to be different kinds, you will not need to know each kind in order to undertake the mold remediation process.

All fungus will be treated the same way. Given that these are living organisms, they will often require food and water in order to be able to thrive. However, attempting to control it by controlling its food sources can be very complicated and time consuming. The best way to eliminate it, is only by taking care of water related problems.

It is important to eliminate this kind of problem given that people spend most of their time indoors. Given that you have to breathe for you to survive, you will need to make sure that you breathe in clean air. This will only be possible in a situation where the air has not been polluted by the presence of fungus.

Fungus, especially the kind referred to as the black fungus, has been known to produce toxins. A person will therefore need to be very careful when it comes to handling the fungus. It is always advised to make sure that fungus is taken care of immediately it has been noticed in any residence. This way, you will not put the lives of your loved ones in any immediate danger.

When it comes to the remediation process, you need to understand that upon coming across the presence of fungus, you do not have to spend money on having it tested. There is only one recommended solution, have it removed immediately. Removal takes on five stages; safety, assessment, contamination control, source removal and moisture removal.

Safety is all about protecting the people who will be removing it. A preliminary assessment is needed both before, and after removal has taken place. Contamination control is needed in order to make sure that it does not spread from the areas that have been contaminated and in to the uncontaminated areas.

It will be important to make certain that it has been completely removed from the source. The source is usually the area where it started from. It all comes down to the areas that have recorded a high moisture content. Too much moisture will cause this problem to take place in any residence. These are principles that will apply to all kinds of fungus that you come across.

Usually, as long as the remediation process is well executed, there will be no need to take a wrecking ball to a house. You will however need to make certain that the remediation process focuses on the areas that have too much wetness. Eliminating the water source is the best way of guaranteeing that this problem will not recur at the house.

Once fungus has been removed, it will become essential to have the air cleaned. The air must be cleaned of all airborne spores that could be present. Air is often cleaned through a process known as HEPA. This stands for, high efficiency particulate air scrubbers. In cases where scrubbers and vacuuming procedures are used in remediation, all filters must be HEPA filters. These are the only filters which have been designed to capture the tiniest of particles.

The filters used on a day to day basis will not work as they tend to have very large holes. In many cases where a minor problem has been reported, this problem can be taken care of in an expensive way. All that is required is that the home owner gathers a few supplies from the hardware and he will be good to go.

Where the problem is extensive and a contractor is needed, it will be important to protect yourself from contractors who are not trustworthy. In order to find the right company, it is always important to make sure that you have first educated yourself on what this process entails. Without correct information, you may find yourself being taken advantage of. This is because the contractors will want to make some money from your plight by making the problem sound more complicated than it actually is.

It is highly recommended to make certain that one is properly dressed when attempting to address such a problem. He will need to make sure that he has filtration mask and a pair of gloves. Where possible, it is also advised to ensure that a protective suit is available. This is more so in a case where an individual has to make use of chemicals that are harsh in nature. The same is also needed for projects that are of a large nature.

At times, it will be vital to have the HVAC air ducts cleaned by a professional. The ducts can collect dust over time. They have also been known to collect mild spores especially when they go for a very long period of time without being cleaned. It is therefore important to ensure that ducts are cleaned after a few months. This will guarantee that they do not collect in this area and become harmful to your health or to that of people closest to you, When remediation has been completed, it becomes important to make certain that restoration is performed. In some cases, restoration may cause more than the removal. It all comes down to how much damage had taken place before removal was done. It will therefore be advisable to consult with a Portland, Oregon contractor on how restoration can be achieved within the residence without costing an arm and a foot. Always make certain you are well informed.

Keep Your Carpets Clean With Minimum Effort

If you want to remove stains, clear spots, and get your carpets looking like new again, there are many different tactics you can try. With the right strategies, you can clean your carpets quickly and easily, without having to seal off rooms for days on end to protect your carpets.

First things first: You need to exercise some caution when you go hunting for online cleaning info. To get powerful carpet cleaning results, you’ll often be using powerful chemicals, and making a poorly chosen combination could be dangerous. Besides creating unwanted and potentially dangerous gases, you could do real damage to your carpet and flooring. Always stick with manufacturer’s directions, no matter what carpet cleaning advice you follow.

When it comes to keeping carpets clean, an ounce of medicine is definitely worth a pound of cure. Vacuum regularly to keep dirt from building up. With less dust and dirt in the weave, carpets are less likely to develop unsightly stains. Even regular old tap water can cause permanent staining if it lands on carpet that has enough dirt and dust built up in its fibers. Vacuuming is especially important for light-colored carpet.

Be thorough when you vacuum; make sure you get every inch. Working in a pattern or breaking a room down into sections is helpful to ensure you get full coverage. Don’t forget that carpet that appears clean can still harbor an amazing amount of dust and debris. Vacuuming on a frequent schedule may seem like a hassle, but it does wonders for your carpet’s appearance. It helps cut down on allergens, too, making the air in your home healthier.

Carpets need more intensive cleaning with shampoo from time to time, too. You can pre-treat the areas that you know will see a lot of traffic. Apply products that reduce staining and soiling to defend these areas. Besides halls and other places you know will see a lot of footprints don’t neglect other spots prone to heavy wear, like the carpet in front of couches and lounge chairs.

Time is a factor when it comes to cleaning up spills on your carpet! If you act swiftly enough, you can prevent stains with minimal effort. Clean white cloths and club soda do wonders on all kinds of messes if you apply them quickly enough. Club soda has been a friend to carpet for generations – probably because it’s highly effective! This treatment works by preventing any bonds from forming between the spilled liquid and the carpet fabric. Using a white cloth to blot the stain will encourage the liquid to adhere to the cloth, not the carpet.

Contractors That Handle Water Damage Restoration

Contractors who deal mainly with fire and water restoration are experts in disaster recovery and emergency response situations. You can call these folks in situations where you have had a flood in your crawl space or basement, a roof leak, or soot and smoke damage from a fire and they will come to estimate the damage and recommend the proper steps that should be taken.

Many of these types of restoration companies like Water Damage Restoration Portland in Oregon have emergency hotlines where people can call for an emergency response due to the nature of their situation. The personnel who handle the emergencies for fire and flood damage are usually IICRC certified restoration professionals who are experts and very experienced in water and flood damage as well as smoke and fire restoration emergencies. The tools that are used by these professionals are of industrial strength and are used for cleaning and drying the affected areas. They are amazingly dependable and their efficiency is as amazing as the personnel who are able to utilize them for the cleanup operations.

The water and fire restoration contractors are able to completely clean up an area, sanitize it and then totally rebuild your home, office or industrial plant from the ground up following any type of disaster or catastrophe. Both the water and fire rebuilds and restoration techniques involve loss prevention from floods and water removal by intense drying procedures. There are many household items such as electronics, artwork, clothing, photographs, furniture, books and many other items that can be salvaged simply because of the expertise of these professionals. Your valuables can be salvaged and stored by the water restoration experts.

A big problem with the removal of water is that if it is not removed soon enough or widely enough, mold can set in right away. A time span of 24 to 48 hours is the window that is available for the restoration technicians to get the cleanup job done, or it will begin to grow mold. Consequently, mold remediation is a prime effort in water damage cleanup procedures and must be take care of quickly. The removal of mold, drying, dehumidification and sanitization are crucial to an effective cleanup effort.

All of these professionals routinely work with insurance companies and are very helpful in the filing of claims. In most cases the claims are filed directly by the water, smoke and fire remediation companies which saves time and causes the claim to be processed more rapidly by not having to go through a third party.

Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

Despite the beautiful snow that comes with winter, most people in the US are bracing themselves for the colder temperatures with the high heating costs. Don’t forget about the frozen pipes or broken AC units that might end up needing repair which is still too expensive. Therefore, if you want to save some money during this cold weather, use the tips outlined below.

Cover All The Exterior Faucets
Frozen pipes will definitely break especially those found outside the house. Therefore, during the cold season protect all the plumbing found on the outside. Start by detaching garden hoses and properly insulating the faucets against the freezing weather. Make sure all the exposed pipes are completely protected. For the covers, you can either choose to wrap with wrapping material or use insulating foam.

Prevent The Interior Pipes From Freezing
During winter, especially when it’s very cold, the pipes inside the house can also freeze. To prevent any plumbing emergencies, you should turn on the pipe and make sure the water is flowing continuously. If you do get an emergency, then you need to call an Emergency Plumber to take care of the repair.

Protect Plumbing In The Utility Spaces
Pipes found in forgotten spaces such at the attics or basements are very vulnerable during the cold weather. This is because most people may insulate the pipes outside and inside the house but often forget about these ones. The best way to prevent any plumbing emergency in any utility space is by insulating the pipes found there. Also, if you have to dig up any plumbing, make sure you use a utility locator.

Avoid Clogged Drains
During winter, especially Christmas, New Year or Thanksgiving, people enjoy cooking a lot of cooking. It’s very often you will find a clogged drain or pipe especially after cooking fatty foods. The extreme cold may solidify the fatty ingredients in the food which results in increasing plumbing emergencies of clogged drains. To prevent such catastrophes, you should avoid throwing foods with grease or oil through the garbage disposal. Also, clean your drains at least once a week with an environmentally-friendly detergent to cleanse the fats completely.

AC Repair And Maintenance
Right before winter, hire a professional AC specialist to repair or perform some maintenance tasks on your AC unit to guarantee it’s working properly during the cold weather. You certainly don’t want it to break down in the middle of a stormy snow. Other heating systems such as furnaces should also be properly checked to make sure they are working properly during the cold weather to prevent any breakdowns due to overworking or overheating.

There is no way you can prevent a blizzard from falling. However, you can keep your plumbing protected throughout the extreme cold to make sure it’s working perfectly.

Finding A Professional Fire Restoration Company

If you want to know whether or not a fire restoration company is solid, look for the one that’s open all day, every day, each day out of the year. If you need the services of a fire restoration company, you should be able to get those services at any time of the day. You should also make sure the company is solid, and places your health and the health of your home as the highest priority.

Of course, fire restoration isn’t the simplest job in the world. You’ll want to make sure the technicians are using the most up to date techniques, as well as the most modern equipment. One important piece of equipment that you need is a 360 base plate with safety rails when you are working on the roof. Make sure to check on their experience, ask how many years they’ve been working in the business. You may also want to check out any customer references they give, as customer reviews can tell you a great deal about the company. Good companies tend to get good reviews.

Highly qualified professionals are capable of helping you to stop any further damage that may occur to your belongings or your home, due to years of knowledge and experience. They’ll be capable of removing any problems, from odor to water, even smoke and soot, if at all possible. Competent fire restoration technicians can even restore your home to the condition it was in before the fire happened. The most modern equipment is wielded by the most professional technicians, and they can eliminate just about any problem that’s been caused by the fire.

Fire damage is a tragic event, the source of great suffering and heartache. Family heirlooms and valuable belongings can be lost to the flames, and the smoke and water damage that comes from the fire. You should never wait when trying to restore your home after fire damage, as that allows the damage to settle in. Starting sooner will help you minimize the losses as much as possible, and the professional technicians can help you rebuild your life. They’ve been working for years doing just that, and have helped many people restore their lives to what they were before the fire ever happened.

Insurance companies often want an estimate of the cost of fire restoration, and a good fire restoration company can help you prepare that estimate. You should never wait to file insurance claims, even though it can be difficult to think about such things in the wake of a tragedy. A professional fire restoration company can be all the help you need.

The Importance Of Hiring Professionals For Sewage Cleanup

A sewage spill is something property owners dread and for many good reasons. When sewer pipes break or septic systems back up, the resulting mess is terrible to look at, produces a foul odor, and poses a threat to the health of everyone who makes contact with anything in the affected area. Restoring the area to a condition that is safe and habitable requires the services of sewage cleanup specialists.

Black water is a classification used to describe water than contains solid waste, fungi, and bacteria. This is the most dangerous type of spill to deal with. Property owners should never make the mistake of attempting to clean up a black water spill without the help of professionals. The experts at Restoration 1 of Portland specialize in water damage restoration and sewage cleanup, you should contact them if you do not want to deal with it yourself.

MoldThe contaminants in black water include parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can lead to serious health problems. The long list of illnesses associated with exposure to black water includes tetanus, hepatitis A, bacterial infections, gastrointestinal diseases, and leptospirosis. Cleaning technicians can test for various indicator organisms to verify a sewage contamination. Fecal coliform, enterococcus, Escherichia coli, and coliform are organisms often found in cases where human waste contamination is a problem.

Among the top priorities of any response team is locating the source of the spill. Before any cleanup can occur, it will be necessary to make the proper repairs to eliminate further contamination. A clog in the main sewer line is a common cause of residential septic system failure. Old lines develop cracks over time and eventually will collapse or break. In some neighborhoods, tree roots invade the pipes or crush them as they grow.

Special training is necessary to remove the contaminated water safely and sanitize the affected area. Workers must wear protective clothing when cleaning up a sewage spill. A professional will know the proper concentration of sanitizer to use and is aware of the dangers of mixing chemicals that can react together to produce toxic vapors. Clean-up crews have access to the commercial grade equipment they need to extract the water. They will transport it to a location where it can be discarded safely and according to local, state, and federal health regulations.

If the spill occurs on vinyl, concrete, tile, or some other nonabsorbent surface, the cleaning crew will use wet vacuums or mops to remove any semi-solid material and water. Disinfecting the area requires using the proper concentration of sanitizer. Chlorine solutions may be used to sanitize walls, floors, appliances, and food preparation areas. Higher concentrations are necessary for disinfecting kitchen surfaces. Alternative disinfectants include quaternary solutions and iodine.

In some cases, hydrated lime is used to disinfect the spill site. Only people with the proper experience and knowledge should apply hydrated lime. This caustic material kills the bacteria and microbes by raising the pH to at least 12 for a minimum of one hour. A pH level of 12 or greater destroys the cell membranes of harmful pathogens. When lime is used, it is necessary to restrict access to the area for at least 24 hours following treatment.

A qualified technician has the experience necessary to assess property damage and determine if certain materials are worth salvaging or restoring. Absorbent materials, including carpeting and carpet padding, can be difficult if not impossible to sanitize adequately if saturated in contaminated water. Books and documents are often discarded after exposure to water from a sewage backup but special techniques may be used to salvage certain valuable items. Chip-board cabinets, anything made of foam rubber, mattresses, pillows, and upholstered furniture pieces are other items that are rarely salvageable. Items that should always be discarded include medical supplies, stuffed animals, cosmetics, food, and baby toys.

Items with hard surfaces are usually easy to clean. These include items made of hard plastic, glassware, dishes, silverware, and most solid wood objects. Special cleaning and sealing techniques may be necessary for un-coated surfaces made of wood. Property owners will sometimes have to weigh the value of the item compared to the cost of restoration. The best way to handle a chair with a wood frame and an upholstered seat, for example, is to save the frame and replace the seat padding and covering. Some articles of clothing and bedding items may be cheaper to replace than having everything professionally laundered or dry-cleaned.

After extracting water from the spill site, workers will pull up any carpeting to inspect the condition of the material and the carpet padding. When clean up occurs quickly enough, it may be possible to dry the carpet and save it. If the carpet or padding show signs of mold growth, they will have to be discarded. If replacement is the only option, the soiled materials are taken to a facility authorized to dispose of solid waste.

The experts will sort through everything in the affected area to determine which structural materials are still usable and which should be thrown away. They will usually throw away any saturated wallboard and trim pieces. Plastic, vinyl, and hollow wood doors contain spacers made of cardboard that collapse when exposed to water. In most cases, it is possible to clean and save wet sills and wall studs for use in restoration. It may be possible to save wood wall paneling even if the technicians have to remove it temporarily to replace damaged insulation in the wall space. Industrial strength air movers and dehumidifiers are used to facilitate and speed up the drying process.

Property owners should hire a company that hires only qualified cleanup technicians with industry certification. Members of the Indoor Air Quality Association, or IAQA, receive special training to earn certification by the American Council for Accredited Certification, or ACAC. Through IAQA, members have access to assessment and remediation training courses to ensure they follow industry guidelines and standards when cleaning up sewage spills. Any reputable company offers reliable around the clock emergency response to ensure that the clean up procedure begins as quickly as possible. A prompt response can minimize damage and save property owners thousands of dollars in expensive restoration and replacement costs.


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